Our wide-range services portfolio will definitely fit for your needs and fill whatever gaps your project may have at top quality. We are covering the end-to-end mining and petroleum business with a committed top performance everywhere.

General Services:

  • Providing Geological and engineering consults and the related technical, environmental and marketing studies.
  • General Supplies.

Mining Services :

  • Mining mineral materials for all its types in addition to its analysis.
  • Manufacturing, concentrating and forming minerals.
  • Wholesale and retail trade of various mineral ores.

Oil & Gas Services :

  • Providing Petroleum services which assists Drilling and Exploration Operations.
  • Maintenance of Petroleum Wells.
  • Maintenance of Drilling Equipment and Petroleum Pumps.
  • Drilling Water Wells and shallow wells for the petroleum purposes.
  • Civil Works required for the Drilling and Work-Over Operations in addition to Surface
  • Casing and tubing and its related services.
Mining Services
services service Oil & Gas Services

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